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Sauces Salsas and Dressings - Georges BBQ Sauces - 16oz Original


Georges award-winning, standard vinegar-based BBQ Sauce is one of the best Eastern-style sauces in NC. Perfect for marinades, baking, slow cooking, and grilling - you can use it as a foundation for your flavor profile, or serve it as-is for a plate sure to wow.

George's BBQ Sauce is a beloved North Carolina brand known for its handcrafted, small-batch Eastern-style BBQ sauce. Founded in 1975 by George Stallings, the sauce continues to be made using the original recipe he developed in his outdoor garage. Despite its growing popularity, George's remains committed to traditional methods, personally pouring, packaging, and shipping each bottle by hand. With the motto of "You can put it on anything but banana pudding," George's BBQ Sauce offers a bold and versatile flavor that can enhance any dish. From the Hassell family to customers everywhere, George's is a sauce made for everyone to enjoy.