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Why Join Ripe Revival Market?

What is Ripe Revival Market?
Ripe Revival Market is the direct-to-consumer arm of our brand where we work hard to bring “Farm Fresh to Front Door” in a variety of ways.  We leverage our relationships with farmers and makers, food vendors and the community at large which enables us to provide our household consumers access to the best fresh and local products around - while simultaneously addressing the gap between excess & access.

Through Ripe Revival Market, we work with dozens of farmers and makers to offer you 250+ mostly local and regional products.  We are the direct connection between you and the source, which allows us to offer great service, quality, value, and convenience!

We offer first of its kind access and convenience with customized control over ordering fresh produce, meat, dairy, eggs, and other NC Made grocery goods.  You can build your own orders and have them delivered directly to your door, or you can find our neighborhood vans to buy from on the spot! You can also come see us and ship in person at our retail store in Rocky Mount, NC (161 English Rd Rocky Mount, NC 27804).

Why Should I Use Ripe Revival Market?
When you work with us and used Ripe Revival Market, you become part of the solution.  You won’t only gain access to an exclusive membership offering you discounted rates to fresh and local goods!  Ny working with Ripe Revival Market, you are supporting both local farmers and makers – AND – families facing food insecurity.  For every single purchase, we give a percentage of revenue to the 501©3 non profit “Ripe For Revival” where we are working hard in communities to empower others.

Sounds like a win/win right?  Gain access to products you cant typically get at a local grocery store, pay less, have control and convenience, and give back to others…

The real question is “Why shouldn’t I use Ripe Revival Market?”

What Makes Our Food Different or Special?
Our food is special for many reasons – but the most obvious is that we are working hand in hand with the producer which gives us the opportunity to give you better pricing, better freshness, better control, and frankly just a better all around experience. 

As a company, we do work hard to “Bridge the Gap between Farm Excess and Food Access”, so we often buy and offer products that farmers don’t typically have a home for.  At times, this may mean that we sell or ship a farmers crop that has cosmetic damage, but is perfectly healthy otherwise.  For example, if you order sweet potatoes – we may send sweet potatoes that were “rejected” by retailers because they are misshapen.  Perfectly healthy, and perfectly edible – they are just too ugly!

Well, with your help – we can give farmers a return on crops that they typically leave in the fields, ultimately giving them higher yields, better profits, and opportunities to be more secure in providing for their families!

We ALWAYS prioritize local first, and will always have local when in season.  Since product seasons come and go, we will source from regional farmers and others in order to keep the products you want and need in stock!  There are also items that just cannot be grown locally like pineapples for example,  so you will see products available that are not always local.

 We Give Back!
As mentioned in a previous question – WE GIVE BACK.  For every dollar thart comes in, we typically contribute 5-7% back to our mission through the nonprofit Ripe For Revival, which will go towards our three programs that focus on food insecurity, education, and health and nutrition. 

When you buy from Ripe Revival Market, you support farmers and makers while also giving back to your community.  Together, we can all make a difference and we are proud to facilitate a way for every customer to be a part of the solution!

How Does It Work?

How does the service work?
Our service is simple! You pick the plan that works best for you and your family and select the frequency that you want your orders delivered (one time, every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, or every month).  Next, you will select a number of products to add to your bundle, building your own box how you want it and let us do the rest!

We will pack your order up and deliver it directly to your doorstep.  If you subscribe as a member you will see greater discounts and savings, while maintaining control and flexibility over when you get products.  Members can manage their account to skip weeks, pause membership, or cancel at any time. 

Each week or renewal period, you will have the option to go in and swap products in your bundle to ensure you have what you need, and don’t get overstocked with items you cant use or do not like.  Orders renew every Thursday of your cycle, and weekly cutoffs take place on Friday to ensure we can get products for the next week in stock and ready to ship!

What type of plans do you offer?
We currently offer three customized bundle plans:

1.)     1.) Farm Fresh Produce:  You will have access to 50+ fruit and vegetable products from local and regional farmers, and will be prompted to select 15 or more products with your selections.
  2.) Frozen Foods:  You will have access to 75+ local meat, prepared meals, frozen fruits and vegetables, and more! Each order cycle, you will select 8 or more products giving you the ability to stock your freezer with great products at a great value.
  3.) Grocery Combination:  You will get the best of both worlds with an added bonus of shelf stable and refrigerated goods.  That’s right, you will select 20 or more products from over 300+ products across fresh produce, frozen foods, and grocery goods categories.  Snacks, sauces, rubs, candy, supplements, eggs, dairy, and more!

How much does it cost?
The best part of our service is that you can control your cost!  Unlike many other delivery services who set fixed pricing and manage product selection for you – we give you access to dynamic pricing – where you shop just like you would at the store and build your delivery plan around a budget that works for you!

Where do You Deliver?
We delivery anywhere in the mainland US for now!  We do charge a shipping fee for orders under $150 in order to cover a portion of the cost of expedited shipping and the insulated packaging and dry ice needed to get “Farm Fresh to your Front Door”.

When do you deliver?
Currently, we ship our orders each week between Monday and Wednesday.  Depending on where your delivery point is, you will receive your order Tuesday-Friday each week.  We will do our best to communicate clearly with tracking and provide you with consistent shipping schedules from week to week to keep you from guessing.

What will I get in my box?
The products are completely up to you!  You get to build your own bundle, adding contents that you want.  We may from time to time add freebies for your family to try, along with coupons. You will also find ice packs, insulation, and potentially dry ice if frozen goods are present.

What products do you offer?
We offer some amazing products!  50+ fruit and vegetable offerings and growing.  75+ frozen food options like meat, prepared meals, fruits and vegetables, and more.  125+ locally made shelf stable and refrigerated goods across several categories!
We will continuously add products to our catalog, so each week when you login, you will have some fun surprises to choose from!

Can you cater to special needs regarding allergies and more?
Since you can build your own order, you will have control over what items you get – and our food safety practices should prevent cross contamination.  While we will do our best to accommodate special requests, we cannot guarantee or promise that your food will not come into contact with allergens that may impact you.

What if I do not want a subscription?
We do offer one time purchases, but members do get a discount!  Since you can pause or skip at any time, we highly encourage you to subscribe and save and manage your account settings as needed!

Is everything you offer local?
We always prioritize local first.  While the majority of our products are locally grown or produced, there will be some items that are either out of season or will never be available locally.  We do also prioritize purchase of products that are not local through local companies!  Everything we do is rooted in making an impact and supporting our local farmers, makers, and community members!

Details: Shipping, Payments, Delivery.

Do you charge shipping?
We do offer free shipping on all orders over $150!  For orders that are less than $150, we do charge a small shipping fee based on the contents and weight of your order.  This aims to cover the costs of packaging, ice packs, insulation, and expedited shipping to ensure freshness and food safety.  While this fee does not cover all of the costs, it does allow us to maintain sustainable operations and cover hard costs that we simply cannot absorb. 

What kind of packaging do you use?
Depending on your membership, you may find different packaging elements.  We use eco-friendly recyclable packaging in order to reduce environmental impact and ensure that your order quality is maintained.  Boxes, Insulated Liners and bags, Ice packs, and other elements will keep your products safe during transit.  Many of our members re-use their packaging in their homes!  Our insulation makes great padding, and is even compostable!

I cannot receive packages at home or work, are there pickup locations?
We currently do not offer local pickup options, but are looking into how we can offer this service in counties across North Carolina to start!

Do you deliver to PO boxes?
We do not deliver to PO boxes at this time.  If you place a PO Box address in the delivery section and the box is lost or unusable, we will not be able to offer refunds. 

What payment forms do you accept?
We accept multiple forms of payment, including but not limited to card, apple pay, paypal, and others.

How will my products stay fresh, frozen, and in good condition?
We use eco-friendly insulated boxes, liners, ice packs, and dry ice to ensure products are maintained at proper temperatures.  If you receive a delivery and feel that your products have not maintained temperature, please contact us immediately at info@riperevival.com.  Proof of damage and issues with temperature will be required for refund, and must me communicated with 24 hours of delivery.

How does the membership work?
With Ripe Revival Market Memberships, you will join an exclusive club where you can manage your subscription with each renewal period.  You are only charged when you opt into that delivery window.  Orders will renew on Thursday of the given delivery period, and all weekly cutoffs occur Friday the week before shipping.  If you place an order after the cutoff, your order will ship the following order cycle. 

When will I be charged for orders?
Orders will only be charged during periods when you opt in for the delivery cycle.  You will be charged on Thursday of a given week and your delivery will be fulfilled the next Monday-Wednesday for delivery.

Managing Accounts

Once I sign up, how can I access my account?
Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access your account and the customer portal.  You will be required to setup an account to checkout if you do not already have one.  You can access your account directly from www.riperevival.com here you can login to view.  You can also request “magic links” to areas of your membership account by emailing info@riperevival.com. 

Can I skip or pause my membership as needed?
Absolutely, you can skip and pause memberships at your leisure by accessing your customer portal and clicking “View Upcoming Orders”.  Once there you can skip weeks by clicking the “Skip” button; or can edit your order frequency, contents, or preferences by clicking “Edit”.

Can I change my products from one order to the next?
Absolutely, and we encourage it!  Throughout Ripe Revival Market membership platform you can customize what you want week to week.  This is what makes us stand out from the rest of the competition – and gives you complete control over what you get, how much you need, and more. 

In order to do so, you will log into your account to access your customer portal and click “Manage This Bundle” where you can then Click “Update Contents”.  After clicking Update Contents, you will be able to remove existing items and select new items to replace them!  Click save, and you are all set as long as you do so before the renewal cycle ends Thursdays at 12am EST. 

I want to change bundles, how can I swap them?
If you desire to change from one bundle to another, you will need to cancel your existing membership and sign up for the new bundle you want.  As an example, if you are subscribed t the “Farm Fresh Produce” membership but want to gain access to the Grocery Combination Bundle, you will need to cancel the Produce membership and start a new Grocer Combination one. 

You can maintain multiple memberships if you desire to do that as well and alternate weeks or delivery schedules!

Can I add items to my order?
YES!  You will have the option to add additional items to your order a la carte, and will have access to “Special Ad Ons” from week to week – where we will offer great deals on products you will not want to miss out on like skillets, cooking utensils, coolers, and more!  You will be able access add on items in your customer portal.