With every bite you take, you reap the benefits

Better for you

Ripe Revival is not just about removing the 'bad' ingredients. Sure, we are free from sugar and unnecessary additives, BUT we also pack our gummies with added benefits that are native to the fruits and vegetables we use!


With every bite you take, you reap the benefits of extra-nutritional boosts including:


TA complete protein contains each of the nine essential amino acids necesaary in the human diet. Protein is essential for the building of healthy muscles, skin, nails and more.

3-5g SUGAR

By naturally sweetening our products with fruits and vegetables, we have low sugars and eliminate the negative affects of artificial sweetners without compromising incredible taste!

18+g FIBER

Fiber combined with protein is an incredible duo! Fiber helps you feel satiated and curbs cravings for unhealthy snacks and foods.


Not all carbohydrates are created the same. Our low net carb count (thanks fiber!) means these carbs are not absorbed and turned into fat like other refined starches and sugars. So enjoy often!