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Farmers and Makers


Ripe Revival is rooted in both agriculture and community, which happen to go hand in hand very well. We pride ourselves in being able to connect farming and food production professionals in a way like never seen before. Our first hand experience and understanding allows us to have intentional relationships with both farmers and makers, leading to a connected network of producers making quality products that we are proud to add to our own line of products that we farm or produce.


We Know Farming.

We find the right solutions because we’ve experienced the challenges first-hand.

We understand the challenges our farm partners face because we’ve had our hands in the same dirt.

Our Farm Partners.

We work directly with dozens of local and regional family farmers and business partners to offer our customers a wide variety of fresh produce and locally raised protein products all year long.

Our daily work with the farming community inspires every practical solutions and creative idea that we bring to bear in our ecosystem.

Our Local Makers.

We support local food producers, sharing their incredible products with consumers and businesses through innovative sales and distribution channels, providing opportunities to get their products into hands across the country!

Community Farms.

We work directly with educational institutions and nonprofits to create and manage community farms with intentional focus on education and human development.

These sites are managed and maintained through our non profit Ripe For Revival, offering additional ways to nourish communities and allow our customers to become part of the solution!

Core Brand Pillars

Driven By Mission Of Change

Shining Light On All Of There Dark Corners Of The Food System

Connected For A Whole Community

Connecting Communities From the Farm, to the Consumer, & Beyond!

Rooted In Agriculture

Highighting Agriculture and Food Production in Everything We Do!

Support Our Farmers & Makers

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