Community Supported Produce Box Membership

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Ripe For Revival: Community Supported Produce Box


  • 3-5 Different Types of Vegetables
  • 1-3 Different Types of Fruits
  • Around 10-12 Pounds of Fresh,  "Perfectly Imperfect" Produce
  • Your Box Purchase = Donation of Produce Box to a Family in Need! 
  • Your Purchase Helps Farmers Sell More of Their Crops!

Our community supported produce box supports farmers and families in need by utilizing perfectly fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables that may not be "pretty" enough for grocery stores, but are still perfectly healthy and ready to nourish your family and others!


We work directly with local and regional US farmers, buying crops that they would typically not have a home for, providing more income and efficiency for their families. 

We then turn around and deliver fresh produce at a great value to you, and will turn around and donate the same or similar box to a family in need.   


Deliveries occur each week based on the region you live in, which can be found HERE.

***Boxes will not contain ice packs or insulation*** 

Customers are encouraged to leave a cooler outside for boxes to be placed in if they will not be home during delivery times.  Boxes measure around 15"L x 10" W x 8" H and will fit inside most medium to larger coolers.